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Friday, July 19, 2019

Ramifications of Shortening of the NJ State Triathlon Course Due To Heat

My bib number for this weekend.

Because of the predicted heat this weekend, the NJ State Triathlon as shortened its course from Olympic Distance to a sprint distance, effectively cutting all three disciplines' distances in half.

Someone asked me if the shortening of the course affects the USAT National Championships or rankings, which are some of the goals for this race I'll explain what might or might not happen here:

1) This year's USAT National Champs are not affected in any way. I qualified for the race last year.

2) This is still a USA Triathlon Sanctioned race, so I can still qualify for next year's National Championship with this race. I still have reason to believe I can finish in the top 10 of my age group to qualify. If I don't, I still have two more attempts in my other two triathlons to qualify. Plus there's a chance that I will participate in the St. Petersburg Triathlon in Florida early next year for an additional chance if worse come to worse.

3) USA Triathlon National Rankings. This might be the most affected. I'm trained for longer distances, so this triathlon might be a little bit out of my element and I might lose a bit on the scoring here. I'll just have to put my head down and hammer this out as hard as possible and see where I end up.

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