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Monday, July 22, 2019

Post Triathlon Monday Coffee Musings

Coffee at Tim Horton's - celebrating my qualifying into 2020 USA Triathlon National Championship

This has been quite an unreal weekend.

The heat was quite deadly. Reasonable people cancelled their runs or races to escape the heat. And I totally understand. If anyone had any doubts being out there this weekend, it was safer not to do it.

Then there were the unreasonable people, like me and other people I know in the race. We're out in the beastly heat trying to finish a triathlon.

Even the water provided no escape. The water temp was 88 degrees eliminating any chance of a wetsuit.

If it was bad here, try running 100 miles in Vermont.

If I heard correctly, less than half the people who started finished the race. Ouch.
To those who decided not to race, you were the sane ones this weekend. In general, if you have any doubts about running races in heat like this, it's better to be safe than sorry. This heat has already killed a good amount of people across the US. You can definitely race on another, hopefully cooler day.

To those who actually toed the starting line, you were quite brave to do so. Even if you didn't finish, you definitely tried your best out there. Again, if there were any doubts out there it's better to call it a day, preserve your health, and give it a go in the future.

To those who actually finished their respective races, I think you better go get your head examined because you're *this* close to being certifiably insane. 🤣 Congrats to you all.


Final results of the NJ Triathlon are finally posted. Looks like I was 8th out of 82 in the male 50-54 age group. Under the old 10% standard for qualifying for the 2020 National Amateur Championship I would actually have done it! The new 15% standard just makes it a slam dunk!

Finished the NJ State Triathlon in 100 degree heat. And finishing my beer in the process too!


I had no panic attack whatsoever in the beginning of my swim. I think it's the wetsuit that triggers the panic attack. I think the normally tight fit is maybe initiating some response to a form of claustrophobia. The second I started the race yesterday without the wetsuit I felt such a freedom of movement. I swam hard right off the bat and never let up. My current wetsuit is not overly tight, so I'll have to keep managing it as I normally do.


Looks like I'm in the market for a tri kit. Yeah I'll most likely be in a triathlon "onesie" for the National Championships in 3 weeks. Please, no pictures. 😛


I'll most likely swim from the Lyons Pool on Wednesday morning. It's certainly cleaner than the YMCA pool nowadays. The YMCA holds these "summer swim camps" for kids and they get about 50 kids that go in the pool each day. And yes, they literally "go in the pool", if you know what I mean. Which is why the water is bad these days.


Anyone who is racing next week (Ironman Lake Placid, Escarpment, etc.), you're probably in for a lot better weather than this past weekend. Looks like weather is drier and in the 80s. Good luck with your final tapering.

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