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Thursday, July 18, 2019

GrayThursday Coffee Musings

I live for this weather!

There's just something magical about summer. Maybe it's the fun times spent outside. Maybe it's the triathlon season in full force.

Or maybe it's the fact you can just put on shorts, a shirt, and sandals in 1 minute and go outside without putting on extra layers of clothes.

This is perhaps the only time this summer where I stay put and lay low for a while. With a chaotic month of travel coming up next month, I need to take full advantage of this.


Speaking of which, my second triathlon is coming up this weekend. Luckily it's a local one. I will be trying to gain the podium for the NJ State Triathlon this Sunday.

I spent this morning making final adjustments to my bike; it's race ready.

I wish Toni Ann Alfieri luck in this race also. She did the sprint last year. Now she's going for the Olympic Distance.

One of the members in my club will be competing also. I want to wish Glenn Brinks luck this Sunday.


Vermont 100 is this weekend also. I have to wish Stephen Bandfield and Janna Michelle luck this weekend. Unfortunately, it's going to be a scorcher there with a chance of T-storms at night. The first aid station is 7 miles into the course; make sure you drink from that station and all the rest along the way. The course does get tougher after Stage Road at mile 31, so make sure you take the extra minutes and be well hydrated before you leave that station.

As for T-storms at night? Hopefully those won't happen. Weathermen can make mistakes, right? I hope they do this weekend.

Good luck!!!


I want to congratulate Chris Calimano for his Badwater 135 finish. Nice job man.


FaceApp, data collection, etc. What else is new? That's a reason why Facebook is in slow decline anyway, right?


Storming Area 51? It's funny how things go viral, right?

Even Vegas is giving odds on what would happen.

It's much ado about nothing folks.

It's awfully easy to indicate you're "going" on FB. It takes literally 2 seconds. People just want to attach themselves to the hot story of the day, that's all. The actual turnout is going to be much less in numbers.

And Area 51 will stay secure.


Ironman Canada is going to Penticton in 2020. Will I go? It's 50/50. Part of me wants to race in a new area. Plus, it seems like there's a huge crush in pre-registration, so there might not be a chance.

I raced in Penticton from 1996-1999 so it does have a special place in my heart. But I'm not really obligated to go next year anyway. We'll see.

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