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Monday, June 17, 2019

Start of Ironweek Coffee Musings

I'm jacked on coffee after waking up at 2AM.

I'm packing! 🛄🛄

Getting everything together can be an agonizing process. There are some small yet essential things that have to be packed in for triathlon.

That's how life with a bike is like. It's a high maintenance machine that needs to be pampered for it to work. It needs lots of attention and a lot of money needs to be thrown at it so that it doesn't give you headaches.

Kind of like a girlfriend. 😜

Hopefully it will help me through the Ironman bike segment with ease. And hopefully the headaches will be worth it.


I'm wearing the New Milford 5K shirt today while I drink my coffee. It's quite nice! This was the race I ran on Saturday. I did get a tad under 7 minutes per mile pace in this race, and I was very pleased with that
I actually enjoyed a 5K race. Okay, you can shoot me now! That's not supposed to happen! 🤣

That doesn't mean I'm giving up the long stuff for 5K races!

This definitely is nice cotton shirt from that race. In a time where 90% of the races give away tech shirts (I have too many of them), a cotton shirt is something I can really appreciate.

Hint, hint...RDs? You listening? Cotton shirts are NICE. Hint, hint...


I've notified most of the athletes I'm coaching and I'll post this here. Ireland has good WiFi, so it should not be a problem to contact me via FB Messenger and emails. I know T-Mobile can be reached worldwide, but I'm not sure of the costs with my particular plan. If it is expensive I will use another sim card to keep costs down. That means SMS text and calls will NOT reach me from this Wednesday to next Wednesday. So try not to text me during that period.


One last thing...if you see a remark from me at 3AM tomorrow or Wednesday, that means I'm up.

Yep, I've placed myself on European time starting this morning. Yep, I'm already up around 6 hours today. I'll be going to sleep around 6PM each night until I leave on Wednesday.

If I'm going to start this race at what will be 1AM Eastern Time here, I gotta minimize the jet lag, right?

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