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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Dreary Rainy Tuesday Coffee Musings

This is the first morning in a long time that I didn't train in the morning. It's a strange feeling, this feeling of unproductivity.

I don't think I like it.

I had a bike slated for this morning. I'm currently trying to clean it up for the Ironman in 12 days and I don't want to ride it in the rain.

I do have my old bike but that's in the middle of being overhauled and repaired for the fall and winter months.

And it's supposed to clear up, so I figure I get my ride done in Johnson Park when the weather clears before going over to the Summer Series this evening.


About the Summer Series, I thought long and hard and decided not to do it this year. Though I'll be there to volunteer full time for three of the four races.

It's both financial and timing issues that helped me make my decision. The races I'll be undertaking this year are quite expensive endeavors, with two overseas trips. So I need the bulk of the money to be placed in with those trips, including travel insurance. The insurance is pricey, but is much needed here.

The timing is bad also; I already have one 5K to do this weekend (New Milford) and I don't want to overextend myself with another 5K this week.

Plus, I won't be around for the second race, and the third and fourth races will be coming at a critical time when I have to concentrate on USA Triathlon National Championships and UTMB.

I'm glad to stick around to volunteer though, so I can do whatever the RD wants me to do. 🙂


I'm glad to see that Tom O'Reilly has gotten a very good diagnosis on his brain cancer, that it has shrunk significantly.

While I think the radiation and the chemo have a play in this, I really think that it's the positive vibes that he continually gets from friends and family that is making the difference here. I wish him the best in his continued progress.

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