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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Hard Work = Significant Gains! (Swimming)

It wasn't even two months ago that I just barely broke the 3 minutes/200 meter pace for my swimming. This means going under 12 minutes for the 800 meter distance.

Well, I just did that distance again...and I did it three times in a tough 4500 meter workout this morning. With a 1 minute rest after each 800.

The times were definitely telling... 11:38, 11:40, and 11:47.

Those are significantly faster than 12 minutes!

I was pleasantly surprised that I posted the 11:38 for the first 800. And then pleasantly surprised that I held it on the second set.

I did slip a little on the third set. The water was very warm and I was starting to overheat in the water. Towards the end of the last 800 I was actually starting to dry heave in the water due to the heat.

But I held it together and still posted a time a lot better than 12 minutes.

I am going to do very well with the swim portion of my triathlons. Once this weather warms up, I'll more accurately gauge where I am with the cycling and the running. I think I'll be pleased there too. :-)

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