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Friday, October 12, 2012

Group Run Plans for the Cold Feet 10k and Indian Trails

Every so often, I hear a runner comment that since he or she is doing a road race, they will stick to the roads and stay off the trails for the time being.

While I can understand that some people fear that trail running causes injuries because they fear that a rock or root will twist their ankles, I hold to my belief that those fears are really unfounded.

As a matter of fact, I firmly believe that trail running will greatly benefit road runners in ways training on the road cannot do.

Dan McSwiggan and SIAC President Mark Vogt fighting to the Finish Line at the Staten Island Trail Festival 25k at Willowbrook Park

First, trail running forces your foot to land on uneven ground on every step. This forces your stabilizer muscles to work in concert with your prime movers for a more efficient run.

Secondly, your sense of balance is also enhanced and subsequently improved when trail running.

Both developed stabilizer muscles and balance translates well to the road, leading to a more efficient, more economical run which should lead you to faster road times.

But you're allowed to be sceptical. I can prove it to you if you give me the chance.

I'll be forming a group in November or December that will meet at least once per week (mostly on Sundays, but will be additional group runs on other days as well) with the sole purpose of becoming an all around runner, both on trail and on the road. We will mostly stay in the Greenbelt, but we can also go to nearby NJ trails if there is a desire to. I like changing environments every so often, so I'm willing to spend a half hour driving to those trails in NJ. :-)

The group will be aiming for one trail race (the Cold Feat 10k in February) and one of the tougher road races in the area (Indian Trails 15k in April). I can definitely show you how valuable trail running can be to both environments.

The classes will only cost about $40 per calendar month, and I can also show you some techniques that will help you on the trails, as well as arrange a pretty good training plan to help you to achieve your goals in the above 2 races, and in any other race you enter into.

Let me know if you're interested, and I'll put you on the list.

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