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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall Trail Run Schedule Until SI Festival Races on December 8

The Staten Island Trail Festival Races are coming up!!! Choose your distance (10K, 25K, 50K) and dare yourself to go fast in the most rugged race on Staten Island!

To get everyone on the same page, I have issued the fall trail schedule of running to get yourself ready for the Staten Island Trail Festival (nice writeup from NYC Running Mama here) on December 8. And although I will not question your loyalty and fealty to your omnipotent siXac Captain if you don't make any of these runs, I do believe that these runs will definitely help you in getting a great time in your race on December 8.

Plus, I have in the strictest confidence from those who ran with us say that many of the trail runs we host here are very enjoyable indeed, so you'll really want to come down and have a good time with us.

So come on down. No pressure though. ;-)

Anyway, here's the schedule up until the big day on December 8.

Saturday October 20: You have a choice...choice is definitely good.

1) Oktoberfest trail run/hike at Bear Mountain. 6 very rugged miles of climbing Bald Mountain and the Timp pass. Arrive at 7:30AM at Eltingville Park and Ride. Hope to start there between 9 and 9:30AM. Looking for 6-8 miles of running and some walking when the hills get steep. Bottles and food recommended for the run.

2) Normal Trail Run out of High Rock Park at 8AM. Darren has graciously stepped up and is willing to host the run in our absence. If you don't have the time to make a day trip to Bear Mountain, you still have a choice to get some good a good trail run in with Darren. Thanks Darren!

Sunday October 21: Full 25k course run around the Greenbelt.

This will be the first time I'll be going over the entire 25k course. Pace will be very easy to accommodate everyone. Although there are spots where bathrooms and water are located, it is recommended that you have the means to carry food and water with you anyway. Be at the gate at Willowbrook Park at 7:15AM, the exact time of sunrise. We'll start soon afterwards.

Saturday October 27: Long Trail Run in the Greenbelt. We will probably do the same format again; anyone who wishes to go around 15-18 miles report to Willowbrook Park at 6:50AM. Please note the time; we will be shoving off at EXACTLY 7AM so don't be late! Also please note that since this will happen at a time when the sun is not up yet, headlamps are recommended for the first 30 minutes of the run. I will have my Camelbak so I'll be willing to "mule" for you; once the sun is up, you can put your headlamp there for me to carry the rest of the way. Just remember to pet my head, feed me oats from a feed bag, and say, "nice donkey". I'll definitely appreciate it. ;-)

As for those who want to go shorter that day, that's great, just meet at the gate at 8 and don't be late. ;-) The High Rock gate that is. The shorter distance group will probably involve about 6 miles, and it will include Moses Mountain this time. That means that the longer distance group might have to climb Moses Mountain 3 times, so be prepared!

Saturday November 3 - Normal Trail Run with SIAC. I would like to divide the group into slower and faster runners on this day, with the aim of getting the more competitive runners closer to their race pace on the trails. Mileage will be anywhere from 6-8 miles. Meet at High Rock Park at 8AM.

Saturday November 10 - Longish run with SIAC (around 10 miles). This run is long enough to get a good distance run in, but not too long for those who are doing the Wolfes Challenge 5k obstacle race the next day. Meet at High Rock park at 8AM.

Sunday November 11 - Wolfes Challenge 5k Obstacle Race. Ah, teamwork. Much has been said about it the past week, but the truly strong teams will be composed of individuals who freely want to be part of a team, and not be pressured to join one. I have freely chosen to be part of this race with my trusty partner Ms. Extreme (Nancy, of course!  Look for us, Two Xtreme, kicking butt in Wolfes Challenge on November 11. If interested, there should be a SIAC discount (enter "SIAC" in the Coupon Code box) as you register.

Saturday November 17 - The Fall Flat 5k Race from Willowbrook Park. This is a good chance to really open up and go race pace on the trails. It's a very good prep for the upcoming SI Trail Festival on December 8. There will be NO regular group trail runs on this day due to this race.

Saturday November 24 - The last full 25k trail run with the group. This will be at an easy pace. This time, we will NOT be having a shorter distance group meet at High Rock Park. We will meet at Willowbrook Park at 7AM (sunrise is at 6:52 standard time) and go around the entire course. If anyone wants to go a shorter distance, remember that we will be on the White Trail for the first 2.5 miles of the course; you can easily follow the blazes back to Willowbrook Park for an even 5 miles.

Saturday December 1 - The last group trail run before the big race. What I will probably do here is do short pickups to race pace, then bring it back down to easy pace to allow the entire group to reform again. This run will most likely be about 6 miles. Meet at High Rock at 8AM.

Saturday December 8 - The Staten Island Trail Festival 25k/50k Race!!! With all the training you did with us, you're ready to flaunt it! Good luck!

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