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Monday, July 9, 2012

Vermont 100 Musings - Am I Ready?

Two weeks to go before the Vermont 100.

Am I ready?
Well, that is an interesting question. Two years ago, when I finished the race, I was concentrating on running long and training specifically for these ultras.

I was however, 20 pounds heavier and north of 200 pounds.

Since then, I have went back to my strength, training for triathlons, and it has treated me wonderfully this year. I've gotten my speed back, and have excelled in the 2 triathlons that I've done so far, including a half Ironman race (Tupper Lake). I've actually qualified to go to both National Championships this year (Olympic and long course distances), so this comeback is nothing short of impressive.

But how will I fare in a 100 mile ultra?

That was the thesis that I intended to do this year. It's going to be very interesting.

I ran very long this weekend (30 miles). The pace I set for myself then was ideal since I went through the 30 miles without any problems with tired legs. That's a good sign. I just need to remember to stay that pace in the beginning of the Vermont 100. If I can knock off the first 30 miles with an effort that feels like I ran only 10 miles, then I would be well ahead of the game.

Aside from that long run,  the number of long runs done this year is lower than the long runs I've done 2 years ago, when I was training for ultras. That might be a negative.

Still, the 20 pound loss should account for something. We shall see.


Anyway, I still have both the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim (111th overall) and Tupper Lake Triathlon 70.3 (45th overall) race reports to do.

I did the Tupper Lake report, and after reading it it seemed...boring. I'm going to have to spruce it up a bit. I myself hate reports that are boring; I don't want to be the person making those boring reports.

If I'm finding myself going to sleep reading my own reports, then that is, indeed, a problem.


Staten Island Athletic Club (SIAC) Monthly Meeting is tonight. If anyone has any reports for me, the siXac Captain, get them in to me immediately or forever hold your peace.

Wednesday is the Evening Trail Run. I want to do Moses Mountain one more time before my 100 mile ultra. Help me fulfill my wish. :-)

Saturday we will be moving the trail run to Wolfes Pond Park because the NYARA race "Two If By Land, One If By Sea" Adventure Race is located there. The Saturday Morning run will start at 7AM at the Wolfes Pond Park parking lot.

For those interested in the adventure race itself, you can register at the NYARA website.

Just a heads up here: due to the fact that Amy, Nancy, and I are not going to be around the following Saturday (July 21; they will be helping me complete the Vermont 100), that run will be canceled. Of course, if you know some of the trails in High Rock, you can still form a group at that time and take the initiative and do it that Saturday.

Lastly, I will be running a 5 mile easy beach run about 90 minutes prior to the SIAC meeting tonight. This is to scout the course for the Full Moon Night Runs that I am looking to start on Wednesday August 3.

I intend on making those runs a "guess your time" run so that anyone has a chance to win one of these lovely gold bricks:

Just think, if you know your pace really well, you can very well build a new wing to your house with enough of these!

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