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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Having Good People To Back You Up / Full Moon Beach Runs

I've seen something very good lately. And I'm very appreciative of it.

This season is full of disruptions. Good ones though, as I'm not complaining.

1) I've been away to do the Tupper Lake Tinman 70.3 Triathlon.

2) I've also been away in the Catskills this week.

3) I'll be away one weekend doing the Vermont 100 race in July.

4) I'll also be away one week in August as we have a family reunion set up.

With the weekly trail runs that I've been coordinating with SIAC, every time I've been covered by someone else within the club to keep the runs going. And yesterday, I find out that with future runs with the club, I'll also be covered also.

As the committee chair of SIAC Xtreme, I'm so glad that I have a great cast of people helping me out with this endeavour. You've made my job much more manageable for me, and I'm taking the time out to say thank you.

I won't use real names here, but initials. While I was away doing Tupper Lake and in the Catskills, I would definitely like to thank NC and AL for their parts in doing the Saturday Morning Trail Runs in my absence. Both of them will also be helping me complete the Vermont 100, so I know I have a solid crew behind me when I attempt that race.

I would also like to thank AL for backing me up with some triathlon results that I didn't get at the SIAC meeting. I'm glad that she's now the Masters Women's Team Captain because she's definitely the right person for the job. Her diligence is definitely noted here.

And lastly, when I announced that most of us won't be on hand for the July 21 Saturday Morning Run because of the race, I was pleasantly surprised when DC stepped up and said he will lead that Saturday. Thank you very much DC.

There are a lot of very good people in SIAC, and most are ready to back other people up when needed. These people provide the strong backbone needed for a truly great club.

And again, I appreciate it greatly. :-)


OK, the Full Moon Trail Runs! Before the monthly SIAC meeting I scouted the beach course with the president of the club. We both think it looks like a winner course. That being said, running on sand is quite tough! Those 5 miles we did were tougher than I thought! In the end, the course has promise, and the sand will strengthen up the legs for races, so we think it's overall a good thing.

Heck, we have a great stretch of beach in our geographical area. Why not use it to our benefit, right?

People also loved the gold painted brick that I brought to the meeting. Even one of our promising young female runners, AD, expressed interest in winning the brick for an award. She's definitely welcome to it. That is if she's accurate with her pacing, of course. Just like everyone else. :-)

Anyway, the first one of these runs will be on Wednesday August 1 at 8PM. That night will be the next Full Moon. It will be at the jetty on the beach in front of where the Memorial Day Run finish line is. The course is to run toward Midland Beach and Miller Field, then back.

Anyone can join. If you want to compete for the gold brick, you'll need to guess your time for this run. That means you leave the watch behind and hope that your guess is accurate. Whoever comes closest to their prediction wins the brick. :-)

Hope to see you all there!

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