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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Music Selection for Vermont 100

I had a nice little run yesterday with a great group of people on the trails yesterday evening.

Most of the group went the 8 mile distance. Three of us opted to do the shorter 4 mile distance and kept the pace easy.

Of course, the reason why I went short is because of my 100 mile ultra on Sunday.

Even though it was only 4 miles, I made sure to thoroughly gauge my legs during the run for any signs of tiredness. Happily, there was none.

Which means I'm 100% on track to be 100% on Saturday as I toe the start line for the Vermont 100. :-)

Physically, everything is going swimmingly. I'm still addressing the mental part a bit. In short, I'll be fine there too. Basically the first 30 miles is going to be the fun part, as I attempt to talk to all those around me and strike up conversations as I initially plod in an easy pace.

After that, I'll essentially become a zombie. And that's where the music comes in. Hey, running zombies need music too, right?

Starting today, I'll be blasting some uplifting music as I go about my daily activities. The music sticks clearly in my head for a while before it starts to fade out, which is great to have in a race.

I don't use an iPod when I run anyway, so it's good to have some songs running in my head to lift my spirits. Listening to them repeatedly for the week prior to the race will help me in that regard.

And what do I usually listen to?

Well, I'm a metalhead. Meaning most of my music will be of the metal or hard rock variety. And since I'm an old geezer, I regularly listen to classic metal.

Iron Man by Black Sabbath is definitely on my list. Being a triathlete, how could it not?

AC/DC has a whole list of songs that I listen to that have a great beat to. Highway to Hell would be the most appropriate for my race this weekend, right? Come Saturday Night I should arrive at some point in hell. :-)

Instrumentals by Joe Satriani, including "If I Could Fly" would definitely be apt for this ultra. His "Speed of Light" is a beautiful instrumental also.

Oh, of course there are other songs outside the realm of classic metal that I will definitely listen to.

Where can I be without Frankie Goes to Hollywood telling me to Relax during my race?

And that quirky song "I'm Gonna Be 500 Miles" by the Pretenders. Listen to the lyrics and it's definitely one for the ultra! When I paced a friend in the Vermont 100 in 200, this was his song. I'll be taking it for my own this year.

This is just a short bunch of songs on my extensive list. With these rattling around in my head I should be golden for this weekend!

Upcoming Events

Yes, tomorrow's trail run is on. Even though I am doing only 4, NC has offered to go more miles if anyone takes her up on it. It would be 7PM at the Carousel at Willowbrook Park.

Just to mention the other events that SIAC members are doing this week, there is a track workout this afternoon at Msgr. Farrell High School at 6:30PM. They just started their fall marathon training, so if you have one on your calendar, these workouts would definitely be beneficial. There will be a gathering at the Manor House afterwards if you're in a festive mood.

Thursday Tommy Hart will have his 3 mile run on Thursday at Clove Lakes Park at 7PM. From what I heard there will be a barbecue afterwards. $3 covers the food and beverages. I might go there not for the run, but for the gathering after the race.

Saturday, if you are trail minded, you can do the run at High Rock Park with DC as your host. Meet him at 8AM at the High Rock Parking lot. Temps this weekend should be cooler than during the week, so if should be a great day to run trails!

If you want to run on roads this Saturday, you have a choice between the Booking for Backpacks 5k or the Dan Kelly Twilight Mile. Or, if you're sporting enough, do both events!

And Sunday is the SIAC long run at Clove Lakes Park. Meet at 7:20AM so that the group can depart at 7:30AM. This, along with Tuesday's track workout will help you prepare for your fall marathon.

Now that I said a mouthful (or is it typed a finger-full?). Time for me to rest. :-)

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