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Monday, February 28, 2011

Thoughts - February 28 - GMaps Plotting

With yet another 20+ mile run under my belt, it was a great day to be outside yesterday. 40 degree temps, little wind, and a sunny day definitely contributed to a great run.

What I realized during this run was that I was really free to run anywhere without guessing how many miles I ran.

All I had to know is the course I ran. Then I can figure the miles later on the internet. I've been using the GMaps Pedometer for some time now to plot my traditional running courses, but I've never ad-libbed a course until yesterday's run.

Knowing that the Staten Island Athletic Club was doing their long run yesterday, and knowing that they were going to do less than the 20 miles I needed for my training, I decided to start off early and get about 5-6 miles done before meeting up with the group. The group then decided to go through Stapleton and Fort Wadsworth to South Beach and back a different way.

Before I knew it, I was running on unfamiliar roads. How was I going to figure out mileage from this?

In the "paleolithic" past, before the dawn of the internet, we just guessed what pace we ran and figured out the miles from there. It was a pretty inexact science.

But with the advent of the GMaps Pedometer, I got my exact mileage after a few minutes of plotting. Think about it, if it can plot the exact mileage from a crazy course like this, then I can run just about anywhere on the roads today and know my exact distance.

Now, if they can do the same thing for trails...


I think I've decided on The Beast Series over the Double Ironman this year. It's really a commitment issue. The Beast Series, with its 6 races, needs more commitment than the Double Ironman. It would be easier to do The Beast Series this year, when I have the time to do it. Next year might be a different story. It would be easier to fit the Double Ironman into next year's schedule even if I am committed to other things.

Once I get my money in today, then I'll confirm it here tomorrow.

Oh, and the Double Ironman? That will DEFINITELY be done next year.


I will still be doing some triathlons down the NJ shore this summer, even if the Double Ironman is out this year.

There are a couple of people I know who are looking to do several triathlons, and I might tag along with them. It would really be nice to hammer out a short one again, even if I don't have the "jets" anymore to stay in front.

But I won't be paying $450 for a pair of cycling shoes. I mean, really. What has this sport come to? How much money to spend before you go bankrupt?

I'll stick to my $100 cycling shoes. They might be a couple of grams heavier, but at least my wallet is thankfully heavier too.

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