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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Holiday Lake 50k++ - A Much Better Start to the Season

Ahhh, a race where I can actually RUN in! My first ultra of 2011, the Watchung Winter Ultra 50k, I didn't fare too well in. Although snow and ice are a good excuse for me not finishing, I was definitely not satisfied with the result.

Enter the Holiday Lake 50k.

David Horton, the race director, is a legend as far as ultrarunning is concerned. Just Google his name and you'll see why. He also puts on great ultra races in his corner of the country, the Lynchburg, Virginia area. I did his Mountain Masochist for my first 50 miler ever and I was hooked.

So it was about time to go down there and participate in one of his races again. And I was richly rewarded again.

Instead of a long, drawn out race report, I'll just summarize some key notes over the next several days of my race experience. Keeping things way, way short, I had a good, consistent race and finished at 6:09:09.

Until then, Happy Trails!

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