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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some Holiday Lake 50k++ Notes

The temperature at the start was 24 degrees. Perfect temperature to wear my shorts! 

I only knew about the 24 degree temperature when I saw the water in my
bottle turn to an icy slush and asked another runner about it. I also
found my cap frozen to my head when I tried to adjust it.

As a New Yorker running in Virginia, I almost forgot what running on trails is like
without the snow. I was waiting for the inevitable slip, fall, and bruised backside,
but strangely, it didn't happen.

I must make it my business to avoid horse dung on the bridle trails.
Running *through* it will not give me a noticeable advantage in the race.

Eating Twizzlers is not easy to do when cold.

What's with the plus signs (50k++)? Remember that a David Horton mile is
always longer than a standard mile.

Expensive transponder scoring is NOT necessary in an ultra race for
accurate and fast results.

And finally...

When finishing a David Horton race, expect a handshake from him
immediately (or hug, if you're a woman). Small gestures like these are
what makes people come back to his races time and time again.

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