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Monday, November 5, 2018

Post NYC Marathon Musings - The Big Race is the Culmination of Hard Work!

The culmination of all the hard work and training is the actual race. Witnessing so many people racing the NYC Marathon yesterday is one of the best days of the year. Many people ran their first marathon ever, some lost a lot of weight and changed their lifestyle to get to that finish line.

All of the positive vibes definitely get the friends of these first-time marathoners off the fence and spur them to register for one of these races. It's great to see people actively looking to change their lifestye...and keep my business brisk.
Still, this is the reward for coaching athletes to the finish line and seeing the happiness on their faces as they finish the grueling distance. What they felt as impossible just two years ago is now reality.

Marathon season isn't over yet! I'll be going to the Philadelphia Marathon in two weeks to watch the same spectacle again. After all these years, I find it never gets boring at all.

See you at Philly in 2 weeks!

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