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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Marathon Eve, what to do, what not to do?

This is usually the calm before the storm. You've picked up your bib number, bought some merchandise at the expo, and some nutrition for the race. You've also taken dozens of pictures with friends and soaked in the electric atmosphere at the expo.

Now you're home. And waiting. The pre-race celebration is done. And now, the actual race is looming large. It's almost here. Just one night separating you from the big race.

So what to do? First thing, you'll need to relax. then you'll need to get prepared. So here are some pointers for getting yourself ready for race day tomorrow.

1) Relax. I know life gets in the way. You still might have chores to do at home, or you might still have some work to do. Just do the essentials though, and leave the other stuff for Monday once the race is over.The goal here is to try to keep this day as light as you can so that you don't feel so physically and emotionally drained when you retire for the night. Remember that you need to be as fresh as possible for your race.

2) Know your schedule for tomorrow! What transportation is needed to get to the start line? Will there be a lot of traffic to get to my destination? Please allow at least an hour, just in case of heavy traffic. If you need to be there by 7:30AM, then you better schedule your arrival by 6:30AM. It's better to get in with a lot of time on your hands than try to rush it to your destination minutes before they close it off. The marathon is stressful already; don't put more unneeded stress on top of it.

3) If you have someone supporting you in any way, make sure he or she completely knows your schedule for race day tomorrow. Where to meet up before the race, after the race, what stuff will he/she carry of yours during the race, etc.

4) Get your clothes ready for before, during, and after the race BEFORE you go to sleep tonight. You really don't want to choose which clothes when you wake up early morning while you're under pressure. You'll need to check the weather also to make sure you're taking the appropriate clothes for your race. If the weather calls for 35 degrees and is windy, you'll need to make sure you got extra clothes for before, during, and after the race.

5) Once all of this is done, get to bed early. More often than not you probably won't go to sleep. That's fine, as long as you're lying there relaxing, that is sometimes the best you can do for a big race. Don't take any sleeping aids; if you can't sleep, just keep your eyes closed and relax.

The goal here is to have everything ready today so that you can just roll out of bed, get into your clothes, and get out the door without hesitation. If you can do that, you've mentally and physically set yourself up for a great race!

To all those running NYC Marathon tomorrow, good luck! You'll know where to find me on the course! 💪🤠

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