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Thursday, June 20, 2013

DREGS - An Open Invite to Staten Island Triathletes and Runners!

I'll be using this blog to do some "shameless plugs" at some of my ventures. I figure, "hey, I have all this downtime from my tapering for Western States, I might as well put this newly found time to good use", right?

Two months ago I created a Meetup group designed to bring out people who like triathons, trail running, and ultrarunning in this area. I wasn't sure how successful it was going to be, but I figured that there were a lot of triathletes and distance runners in Staten Island and in the surrounding area that might go for a group like this. I mean, look at this place...we have the beaches for open water swimming and have the Greenbelt for trail running, right? We can easily go across the bridge into NJ for our bike rides, so we definitely have the resources to get a group together who like multisport and off-road running.

The meetup group is called the DREGS, Distance Racers of the Empire and Garden States. The group will be centered on Staten Island, but with a lot of the workouts going across the border into NJ and upstate into the trails of the Hudson Valley, we can easily include people in the surrounding area. Plus, we would be cooperating with other triathlon and ultrarunning groups and clubs to really make this thing special.

The Meetup can be found here: 
The group is capable of meeting up in local venues, as well as join with other groups and clubs outside of Staten Island:

Local Trail Runs and Races in the Staten Island Greenbelt (Fall Flat 5k).

Trips outside Staten Island - Pre-Leatherman's Loop Run in the Hudson Valley - with the NY Trail and Ultra Meetup and the Leatheman Harriers Club (that was a fun day!)

Well, at this point, the meetup group has grown to 25 people. Our last meetup at the open water swim at Midland Beach was 8 strong! So there IS indeed some interest out there.

What also amazes me is the large number of beginners that are signing up for the group. I can easily count 5 right now who are looking to do their first triathlon; they tell me that these meetups really take the mystery out of these events. They can actually start believing that they can do a triathlon or a marathon or an ultramarathon. That's great! The veterans in this club have been definitely helping the beginners feel welcome to the group and help them out whenever possible to finish their first race. And we veterans are glad to take on that "responsibility". :-)

For those who are even remotely interested in doing their first triathlon and marathon, and for those who are looking to explore distances longer than the marathon, this is the group to do it in.

I'll be using the group to place in local races, road trips to races, featured workouts, and "Quick and Dirty" workouts during weekday mornings and evenings (short workouts that will be done quickly for those with limited time).

Biking along Fr. Capodanno Blvd. (Flat as a Pancake Triathlon)

Anyway, I sure hope the group continues to expand. Anyone in Staten Island who is even remotely interested in trying out a triathlon or marathon can sign up at The link above will get you to the official page.

I'm the moderator of the group, but the group is for everyone! If you're looking to get a group together (no matter how small) for a ride, run, related lecture, or even a social at a nearby bar, then be my guest and post it onto the Meetup Group webpage. It'll easily get approved by me and will be posted for all in the group to see.

For those who want to join the DREGS, here is the home page of the group:


As for our next meetups, there are 3 at this point.

There is one this evening (June 20) at Midland Beach, an open water swim starting at 6:30PM. You'll need to park at the lot at the end of Lincoln Ave., then head straight out to the beach; we will all be there. Wetsuits are welcome; the water is a bit brisk, but is great once you're in.

Saturday June 22 is another open water swim, at the same location. The swim will start at 7:30AM. Same location above.

Sunday June 23 is a 20 mile bike at Great Kills Park. This will be 8AM; go to the end at Parking Lot G, where the beach is, and park there. There are bathrooms there in case nature calls. We will either be doing loops within the park, or venturing out to do some road outside the park.

To keep updated on when the new workouts will emerge, all you need to do is join the group. Whether you're a beginner or a veteran, we will definitely welcome you with open arms. :-)

P.S. I am looking into running shirts that feature the logo above. It would either be brown logo on a white shirt, or a white logo on a brown shirt. If I do get the prototypes by next week, I WILL be wearing it at the Western States 100 next week! If anyone is interested in these shirts, let me know; I'll certainly order one for you. :-)

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