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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September Schedule for SIAC Extreme and Go Farther Sports

This blog aims at putting every extreme event into a short, concise schedule for people to see.

Before we get to the firm schedule, here are some developments that we are looking at:

Some people have suggested to schedule in some harder trail runs in addition to the easy paced ones we have now. I don't want to overcrowd the overall SIAC schedule, but we can maybe do one Sunday morning per month where a select group of people can run a quick 6-7 miles instead of at the easy pace. This would definitely help people in doing well in the Greenbelt Festival Trail Races in December as well as the Watchung Winter Ultras in January. In the next week, I'll schedule two Sunday trail runs where the pace will be fast.

In addition to the Sunday trail runs, I can also accommodate some weekday mornings for more personal individuals and groups. Since this will take a bit out of my busy time during the week, I do request a small fee (groups will be discounted, of course). Included with the fee will be some more detailed instructions on how to run as efficiently as possible on the trails while going at a fast pace.

Another development is for triathletes who wish to get a head start on the 2013 season. Starting in December, about twice per week, I will be setting up an area for spin classes for triathletes. This is not the typical spin class you see on those machines made for spinning; the class will require you to have a portable indoor trainer to put your normal bike on (google CycleOps if you want to get an idea of what these trainers look like or how much they cost). I will have an area cleared out for the sessions.

The classes will be intense, so also bring some energy food as well as a bottle for water. You'll definitely be needing those. If done right, you will be well ahead of a lot of other triathletes come spring when it comes to cycling fitness!

The classes run for $80 every 4 weeks (8 class package) or $20 per session (individual sessions). Let me know if you're interested so that I can put your name on the list.

That's about it. As for the upcoming schedule for siXac, here it is:

Wednesday September 19: Headlamp Trail Run - 8 miles - advanced trail runners only; will be at easy pace. Meet at Willowbrook Park, near Carousel at 7PM.

Saturday September 22: Trip to Ringwood State Park - Meet at Eltingville Bus Station before 7AM. At 7AM we shove off for Ringwood. 7-8 miles on trails. Bring water.

Wednesday September 26: Headlamp Trail Run - 6-8 miles - advanced trail runners only; easy pace. Meet at Willowbrook Park, near Carousel at 7PM.

Saturday September 29: Saturday Morning Trail Run at 8AM - all runners welcome; easy pace. High Rock Park at 8AM.

Also Saturday September 29: Mountain Madness 7.77 mile, 25k, and 50k trail races at Ringwood Park.

Sunday September 30: Full Moon Prediction Beach Run #3 - South Beach. 4 sandy miles. Keep your watch at home, and predict what pace you come in. Closest one gets the Golden Brick. Meet at Gazebo at South Beach (near the Advance Memorial Day Run Finish Line) at 7:55PM. 8PM we start the event. Remember to howl at the full moon first before you start. :-)

A look ahead
December 8 - The Staten Island Trail Festival Trail Races (5k, 10k, 25k, and 50k). Click on the link to register. Warning! Prices go up after October 6!

Watchung Winter Races - 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon, and 50k (all trail races). A good, inexpensive way to start the New Year. Only $25 for all distances. Click on the link for more info.

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