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Friday, April 15, 2011

Thoughts - April 15 - Continuing the Group Trail Runs

We have been getting a great turnout for the Greenbelt Training Runs for the High Rock Challenge.

What both the Greenbelt Conservancy and I would like to do is to find ways to continue some group trail runs after the High Rock Challenge is over.

There is certainly no loss of interest in trail running here. With 20+ people showing up to the group run 2 weeks ago, I'm sure there is an interest to continue it.

And we have no shortage of trail races to shoot for after High Rock either. We have the Bad Ass 6 Hour Trail Run in May, the Ladder 5K XC Challenge in July, and the NYARA 25K Trail Run in December.

My original plan is to do a group trail run every 2 weeks. It fits into my ultra schedule nicely, so I have no problems in leading some of the runs. During some of the "off week", I might come up with a plan to travel somewhere and do a trail run outside of the area and offer carpools to share and reduce costs.

Again, that is if people are interested.

I will definitely run this by the group tomorrow and Sunday and see their reactions to this. If they are interested, I can get their contact info and keep them in the loop with this.

And hopefully we can continue this past April. :-)


Greenbelt Group Runs for the High Rock Challenge are both Saturday and Sunday at 8AM. On Saturday we'll have the pleasure of having Mario Ricca as well as me leading the runs. If the group is very big we will separate according to ability and proceed accordingly. I do intend to bring the group up Moses Mountain for at least one of the runs, so plan in a nice tough climb. :-)

Next Saturday (April 23) is the Scholarship Trail Race sponsored by the Greenbelt Conservancy and the Staten Island Athletic Club. Proceeds of the 3 mile race (1 mile for children) go to the Greg J. Buck Scholarship Fund which is awarded to High School Track and Field Athletes.

Also the next Sunday, Easter, is a personal goal for me. I will be running 8-10 laps along the Greenway along Latourette Park (the green line on the map) for my last long run before my 100 mile race in May. Hopefully I can run about 30-40 miles. If anyone wants to run part-way with me, I will be running from 5AM to 12PM. I will be parked on one of the side streets adjacent to Rockland Ave near Forest Hill Road; it will be loaded with food and drink for everyone. So come on down, even if you only do 4 miles, I would definitely appreciate the company.

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