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Friday, April 1, 2011

Thoughts - April 1 - Someone Wake Mother Nature, Please!

Today is the first day of April. Baseball season has started, people are gearing up for the running and triathlon season, the ice cream trucks are out, and the landscapers seem to be coming out of the woodwork.

Seems like someone forgot to tell Mother Nature it's April.

A Winter Storm Watch for parts of this area this morning? C'mon.

I'm not a particularly happy camper when I'm still using my full winter gear when running. I start getting particularly mean tempered when I'm still using my Computrainer full-time when cycling. April should be time to put those things away, right?

I still had a nice 5 mile run this morning despite putting on my mid-winter gear. It's great to set the watch aside for one week out of the month and just run for the heck of it.

I scratched out only 15 miles of running so far this recovery week. Another 5 tomorrow at the Greenbelt Group Run and 10 miles at Indian Trails on Sunday and I have my easy 30 for the week.

Next week is back to high mileage again. I better enjoy the lull now!

The next 4 week set is the last full cycle before the Massanutten 100 race. It'll be an interesting test to put together some good high mileage weeks in before the race.

Hopefully by the end of the 4 weeks I'll be ready.

And of course hopefully wearing only a singlet and shorts!


This weekend activities include the Greenbelt Group Run (pdf) for the High Rock Challenge. 8AM at the High Rock Parking Lot for all those interested in running some trails before the race.

Sunday is the trip to NJ to race the Indian Trails 15k in Middletown NJ. Carpools will be organized at 7:15AM Sunday morning at the Eltingville Park & Ride, and we'll head out to NJ from there.

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