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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's Post - An Ambitious Year Starts

First off, let me say to everyone Happy New Year.

That being done, I'll reflect a little on my last year. One major race, 100 miles long. A long-term endeavor has been fulfilled by finishing the Vermont 100 miler in a little over 28 hours.

Now comes the ambitious part...with the ultra lotteries done I have now set my major races up for 2011. Three 100 mile ultramarathons, and maybe a double Ironman in October if all goes well. One of those 100 milers is Leadville.

Leadville...what's not to say about it? This was one of those races that I was going to do 2-3 years down the road because of its unique challenge, that most of the race course is over 10,000 ft. of altitude. I was waiting until I was more "seasoned" before even tackling this crazy race. Now, on a whim, I decide to make that leap of faith and do it this year.

It's like registering for my first Ironman way back in 1995.

For all you seasoned Ironman vets out there, remember when you started to sweat bullets as soon as you pushed that "register button" or send out your Ironman registration form? Well, it's kind of like that.

Well, I did my planning, and my overall master plan has been made. You can view it here. All three of my hundred milers are there, along with the double Ironman. Swimming and cycling are a part of the plan, as well as weight training since all of those complement the running really well.  Oh, and yes, there is something coming up immediately this weekend...the Watchung 50k.

Like I stated before, this is the most ambitious year I have developed in my life. So I have to be extremely active in my planning to avoid injuries and keep energetic. I will be posting my daily routines on my other blog to track my progress.

And if I ever get out of this year alive, with good finishes for all of my races, maybe I'll write a book on it. Uh, no. But seriously, these are the constant challenges that I give my training methods, things that I would prove here so that athletes reading this or using my services can get better. There is a lot more to training methods than reading a book or journal; I have to go out there and PROVE it works before I endorse it.

And that is what this challenging season is all about. And I'll let you know how it goes, one day at a time.

Again, I give you best wishes for a great season in 2011.

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