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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Leadville and Massanutten 100 for 2011!!!

Although I was unfortunate in the Western States lottery, last Wednesday was the Massanutten lottery, my nagic number was 544 and was eagerly awaiting what the Dow Industrial Average closing number was at 4PM.

The market ended at 11,372.48. And went up that day. So the lucky number was 248 and they counted UP due to the rise in the market.

With about 500 or so people entered into the lottery, I was close. Real close. It wasn't until I got home later that day that I really checked if I had won. The organizers were counting 205 people from 248. Upon manual inspection, I was 118th on this list. I had won!

There's nothing like winning a chance to kill yourself by running 100 miles in Virginia on May 14 at Massanutten, right?

I quickly registered last Friday and am good to go there, still, the big question that was up in the air was Leadville. I still wanted to take a trip west, and Leadville was open. Since the Leadville race, the Race Across the Sky, was mostly above 10,000 ft. in altitude, I made a deal with myself to train like a demon if I registered for it.

And I did. I am now currently registered for Leadville!

I will be busy planning an overall training plan for 2011 with these 2 races in mind. The first thing I will develop is a training framework, an overall picture of what my ideal training plan will be like. All good coaches and athletes will develop this framework before their season starts so that they can easily keep their eye on the long term goal while they are busy preparing their day-to-day schedules. It is this plan that distinguishes the great athletes from the good athletes and is absolultely critical in getting the best results for the season.

I'll be posting my overall training framework in 2 days.

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