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Friday, February 22, 2019

Today - Light Activity Day; Tomorrow - 20+Trail Miles

After running 9 miles and cycling 20 miles yesterday, today is a rest day. Do I look rested?

Just 2000m easy swimming and some core this morning. That's it!

Tomorrow I head out to Sourland Mountain Preserve with a small group of dedicated trail runners to get in at least 18 miles of rugged running. This is definitely necessary to get in my trail legs for UTMB.

It's been quite the training so far. It's Ironman training, but with a lot of dirt. I have to excel at both triathlon and ultrarunning this year, so I have to keep the training on a knife-edge balance to make sure I get in both elements.

And light activity days like this one are absolutely necessary. It's not just physical recovery, but a mental one too. I can basically catch up on other stuff while I look at where I go with my training in the future. It's definitely a day to refocus and to plan for the future.

With 9 weeks left till the first big race, the NJ Marathon, every day is critical now, even if I'm not training hard for it.

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