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Friday, December 14, 2018

My Week 1 of Core Training - Getting It Done!!!

Sometimes we all forget how critical core training is to an endurance training regimen. I'm no exception!

 The side planks are hurting just after 30 seconds. I want to bump this up to 2 minutes by spring.

If you're looking to do well in any races, especially races over 2 hours, the core HAS to be strong if you are to have any shot at a decent result in that race.

Back extension machine. If I don't do this my back gives out. No bueno.

First week of training for my 2019 season, I just finished the third session at the South Shore Y. I'm surprised how weak my core is after starting this back up!

 You can turn just about any exercise into a real hard exercise when the Swiss Ball is included. You add the challenge of balance and your stabilizer muscles into the mix!

I'll update you periodically on how it does throughout the winter and spring leading up to my competitive 2019 season!

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