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Monday, January 11, 2016

Weekly Announcements - January 11, 2016

Weekly Announcements – Coach “Iron” Pete

Welcome to 2016! I'm going to try to make these brief announcements a weekly thing.

Long Term Race Planning

Now's the time you should be making those long term plans for 2016. The best way to do this is to always list your races you're doing as “A” races (your BIG races, or your races you're trying to excel in), your “B” races (not as important, but you might want to try to get a good result anyway), and your “C” races (basically “train through” races that are a part of your training with no taper involved). Once on your calendar, you should place in your important training runs that will help you achieve your goals in your “A” races. For example, putting in a couple of 20 mile runs four to six weeks before your big marathon.

Once you're done setting in your key workouts on your schedule, remember to check it every week when planning your daily workout routines to make sure you're on track. Never take your eyes off that schedule! That's the long term goal you should always try to stick to.

First Swimrun race in the USA announced!

If you like ultrarunning and ultraswimming, there is a type of race that has gotten very popular in Europe called the Swimrun. Inspired by the original event, ÖTILLÖ (pronounced ah-till-ah), we finally get to see one here, in Maine! Here is the video of the event:

The link to the USA event in Maine is here. Get yourself a teammate and go! :


Upcoming races (next 2 weeks)

Triathlons – No triathlons listed so far.


January 16 - Resolution 5K Run - Bloomingdale Park, Staten Island – Link:

January 23 - NJ Trail Winter Series 5K/10K/13.1mi – Morristown, NJ - Link:

January 11 - Leatherman's Loop Trail 10K lottery – ends midnight tonight (Jan 11)! Race itself is on April 24. It's a tough 10K in Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in the Hudson Valley. Link is here:


January 17 at 7PM SHARP! - Vermont 100 mile and 100K Signup. You'll need a previous 100 mile finish, a 100K race finished under 14 hours or a 50 mile race in less than 12 hours to enter the 100 mile race. The race itself will be run on July 16-17. Race fills quickly so be ready to sign up at 7PM. Link is here:


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