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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Thoughts - The Blizzard that Wasn't and the Rocky Raccoon Trip

Just some random thoughts leading into the Rocky Raccoon race...

My flight to Houston on Thursday looks not to be affected by the storm we had on Monday.  It was changed from 7:30AM to 9AM, but that should be fine. I'll put me in Houston by 2PM. I should be safely in the hotel there by 3PM and ready to travel to Huntsville State Park, where the race is, by Friday.

Speaking of the so-called "blizzard", the fact that authorities were quick to shut down the entire city is, I think, a bit ominous. In the past, the city never shut down, even in the wake of historic storms. Now after Hurricane Sandy? I don't know. Would shell-shocked be the description of it?

I don't know, but the travel bans that were imposed in NY and NJ were ominous. While I do understand that stuck cars are problems for road clearing crews, I'm afraid that they might take the next step and impose some sort of curfews for people as well...

...and that would essentially give the government the power to imprison us in our own homes. I wouldn't stand for it.

As it is, I did get a run out there on Tuesday morning, during the peak of the storm, and had no problem with it.

We really didn't get a lot of snow here on Staten Island

I really didn't have a difficult time running in the storm.

I did get some strange stares from road clearing crews out there.

Jumping back to Rocky Raccoon...unlike most of my race strategies, I will not gamble with this one and will just take it conservatively here. My goal? Less than 24 hours. This will also serve to get qualified for the Western States lottery as well. 

The reason why I'm not gambling here is that my training leading into the winter has been sporadic. My performance in my training runs tends to be very erratic when the temps plummet. I'm a summer person; that is when I shine.

The temperature looks to be in the mid-50s for the race, and low 40s at night. I'll take it.

It's better than 20 degrees in NYC!

This trip is a no-frills trip as well. Just get to Texas, do the race, and come back.

The frills will come when I go to Europe for UTMB this August. That is where my money is being spent!

So wish me luck this weekend, and hopefully I'll come back in one piece.

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