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Monday, March 25, 2013

Why I'm Quitting Facebook

Hi people.

I just want to inform all of you on Facebook that this will be my last posting on the webpage. The reasons are many, so that is why I'm going to explain them in this blog here.

The main reason why I'm quitting facebook is to get my "personal space" back to my digital identity. This means I want to keep my digital life private. With the constant chatter going on in Facebook and its close interconnectedness among Facebook friends, sometimes, if I do something, or if I DON'T do something, people might regard it as something sinister. As proof of this intrusiveness into my digital life, my inactivity this week has prompted several people to think that I've blocked them from my status updates. Assumptions of other people abound on Facebook, and it is often the wrong assumption.

People just know too much of each other's business on Facebook and in other social media. A lot of people find this acceptable, but I am finding it quite burdensome.

There have been other things from friends on Facebook that have gotten quite "racy" and downright weird. This is something that normally should be kept between couples behind closed doors, yet I see it on Facebook. Things like this I'm really not interested in, and again I am forced to make assumptions with my Facebook friends. Hopefully they are the wrong assumptions.

Also, posting Facebook status frequently makes people look to narcissistic. Sorry guys, but I've found out recently that your best accolades on your achievements are communicated not by yourself but through others who are genuinely impressed at what you do. In other words, the one who achieved a great accomplishment really doesn't need to spread the news him or herself.

I am always reminded of my father's business. My father is self employed and has installed carpets for around 50 years now. Do you know how much money he spent on advertising during those 50 years? Absolutely nothing! His work is so impressive that his customers will spread the word to their friends about how great a job he does. Often, those friends wind up calling up for his services. And don't forget that most of the customers call up again and again for more business!

The last reason, and quite possibly the most important reason of them all is that personal friendships trump online friendships in every case! That is going to force me to make an effort to maintain those personal friendships, by physically meeting with them, or actually calling them up on the phone. This effort caused the bond between personal friends to be much stronger than just an online relationship. In the past 2 weeks, I've been to NJ and the Manhattan to see some friends I haven't seen in a long time. And in both times, I came away with a very satisfying feeling that I've strengthened those friendships!

And I will continue to make that effort to go to NJ, to go to Manhattan, to go to a personal friend's house, to actually SEE family again to strengthen those bonds between friends and family.

As for my facebook account, the account will still be active, but I will not post any of my own from now on. I will also not "like" anyone else's status, since I will not look at them at all. I will log on from time to time, just to look to see if anyone has sent me a private message that needs answered

To those friends who feel the same way and want to stay connected, you can easily find me at NY as well as NJ races and the clubs in both states that I am a member of. You can also follow this blog as I talk about training for endurance races by subscribing to it. I think RSS does fine with that.

You can also send me an email to with your info whether it be a phone number or your email. Sometimes the "old school" way of picking up the phone and talking is the best way to keep in touch.

Anyway, adios to everyone and hope to see you all the old fashioned way!


  1. Pete, this entry reminds me of something that Mark Vogt once told me two years ago. It was during the Winter Trail Festival. He and I were about two miles into the 25k and we were running along a ridge high up in the Greenbelt. We were just overcome with a great feeling of becoming one with the trails and nature. Mark then said, "Josh, you know what; we don't belong at home on our computers typing in a virtual world... we belong here on the trails. This is where we really belong". I still remember that comment and it reminds me that the real world with friends will always will trump the virtual world.

  2. He is right. The computer is a useful tool, but can be easily abused, especially when something like Facebook comes along and eases that way toward addiction. Maintaining a friendship through online social media is perhaps the laziest way for people to maintain friendships; what results is not-so-quality friendships. We were born to *physically* relate ourselves with the outside world and bond with it that way.