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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Official Race Report - Vermont 100 - Part 5

Vermont 100 - Part 5 - Post Race

Finishing at under 24 hours was the original goal. Finishing a little after 21 hours was something I never expected.

Yet, here I was, finishing before 1:30AM. I could actually get a several hours of decent sleep in!

The overall pace was 12:50 min/mile. I slowed down in the last 25 miles, but not that much. And I was still running at the end.

What was more amazing was that I never really had a "rough patch" in the race. Sure there were moments of discomfort, but nothing very threatening. In a 100 mile race, that is usually unheard of.

I was so convinced that we were going to "run through the night" that I didn't reserve that extra night at the hotel. With some impromptu decisions, we decided to rent at the Hampton Inn that night to clean up, get some sleep and come to the post-race ceremony as refreshed as possible.

After my crew gingerly placed me into the car, we drove over to the hotel where the desire to sleep came over me like a ton of bricks.

Of course, checking the time, it was after 2AM. The "witching hours" have arrived. Thankfully, my race was over.

We quickly got into the hotel room, vomited the last contents of Gatorade in the bowl, and showered up as best I can. With sleep dominating was wasn't an easy thing to do. But once showered, I quickly got into bed and sleep.

After getting semi-decent nap in, we finally got down to the Awards Ceremony where I got my belt buckle. I wound up in 53rd place overall out of over 300 starters.

My time of 21:24:21 turned out to be over a 6.5 hour PR for me in this race. How many athletes you know can say that? :-)

Sitting down at the awards ceremony afterwards. Nancy and Pete

 Nancy and Pete flashing sub-24 hour buckle at finish line.

Flash the brass Pete!

My crew that got me to the finish line quickly. Thank you all!

Awww, isn't that sweet...


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