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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Staten Island Convergence/Perimeter Run this Friday!!!

Even as a local runner, you would figure that would be an easy feat to run around the perimeter of Staten Island, right?

What if I told you that notion was wrong?

Running the Perimeter of Staten Island is 43+ miles! A lot of people, runners included, would have thought of running the perimeter would be lot shorter.

Yet it is doable. Depending on certain roads, running the perimeter of Staten Island is approximately 40-45 miles on foot. For ultramarathon training last year I was able to run the whole thing. I was not exactly a model of freshness when finished, but I'm proud that I did it.

Fast forward to this Friday, April 20. Adam G., a local runner who has the capability of running long distances, will be running the perimeter of Staten Island starting at the intersection of Victory Blvd. and Bay Street at precisely 9AM. The Convergence Run will go counter-clockwise (going toward the ferry first) and proceed all the way around, touching Conference House Park on the southern tip before making its way back to Victory Blvd. Here is the exact map of the route. The map is indicating about 43+ miles for the route.

Adam is looking to get as many runners as possible along this route. If you're looking to get a long run in this week, you can definitely let me know and I'll relay that to Adam. If you're located in one of the other boroughs, the start point is only about 3-4 blocks from the Ferry Terminal. And you can basically finish at any point of the route and have public transportation take you back to the ferry terminal as well. It's strongly advised that you bring a Metro Card and some money with you as we will be frequenting some convenience stores along the way for nourishment and hydration.

The pace will be very slow as well, possibly about 15 minutes per mile pace. This non-aggressive pace should help people get their longest runs of the year in without the fear that they will be left behind. After all, the social aspect of this run will make running the miles enjoyable.

If you do express interest, let me know, either here or through my email: I can help you with the transportation logistics before and after your run so that you can make it to your start point on time, or get back home without getting lost.

So if you want to run 5 miles, 10, 20, or even the whole darn thing, come on down! We will be glad to have you. Weatherwise, it looks like a nice day for it, so there are no excuses! :-)

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