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Monday, May 2, 2011

Thoughts - May 2 - High Rock Challenge and More Trail Races To Look Forward To

If you take a look at the schedule on the right, Massanutten is the only thing you see there.

Schedule -------------> ------------> ------------> ----------->

That's because that race is dominating my every thoughts at this time.

After the race though, I would like to continue leading some of the group trail runs in the Greenbelt. Some planning is in the works and I'll be happy to do it.

Trust me, I will be filling that schedule up *a lot*. You see, I have another 100 mile race in Leadville (video) coming up and I'm looking to finish in under 24 hours in that race.

That means running lots of miles. Which means a lot more time in the Greenbelt. Which means more opportunity for group runs.

I will be posting a nice write-up of the High Rock Challenge tomorrow here. I'll make sure there are a lot of pictures from the race included with the write-up.

Here's one:

I will like to congratulate all those who "challenged the Challenge" and finished. I hope you had a lot of fun out there.

The results of the High Rock Challenge are here, by the way.

As for other area trail races, we do have the Ladder 5 coming up and a NYARA 25k (15.5 mile) trail race in the late fall. The Super Spartan will be here too, and there is the Tough Mudder that will be in Englishtown, NJ.

Also, some possible trips to other areas include some trail runs from the NJ Trail Series and the Reading area races in Pennsylvania (Pretzel City Sports).

So that gives us some great excuses to continue running on the trails here. I will send out word later this week about what options might exist and to add to this schedule on the right.

Again, if you're interested in continuing the group trail runs, let me know. I can be reached at


The saga with my bad toe continues...

It's not all bad. I just had my first run in a little over a week (5 miles). I just left the watch at home and concentrated on seeing whether it was feasible to run at all.

This was a road run. I'll try the trails later on.

Putting on the shoes, I knew the affected area was still slightly swollen; it was a bit crowded in the right shoe.

Once I started to run, I was OK. The newer techniques that I utilize (POSE, Chi Running) help a lot in this area. These techniques minimize the "toe off" portion of the running stride, so instead of pushing off from my toes, which would have been quite painful, I just lift the foot off the ground and let my forward lean do all the work.

The run went quite well. There is a downside though, and one I have to pay attention to. Landing on uneven areas, especially when the toe gets pushed upward, was quite painful. There was one area where my toes landed on a metal plate in the road and I was literally seeing stars.

On the road, it's not much of an issue. But I'm running on trails, where every step is uneven.

It makes for a very interesting situation when I get back on the trails again by the end of this week.

Overall I give the run a B minus. I can definitely run again, and so I'm grateful for that.


Saturday May 7 is the North Face Endurance Challenge (50 mile, 50k, and relays). I will be stationed at the Anthony Wayne rest stop. I'm also looking to drag more volunteers into my station here. If anyone would like to come on down and help out, let me know. My email is There are three shifts available, an early morning shift, a late morning shift, and an afternoon shift. If interested, let me know ASAP. Thanks.

Secondly, the RD for the Vermont 100 contacted me and is looking for anyone who would want to pace some runners in the race for the last 30 miles. Although you will be most likely walking a lot of the distance, the prerequisite for pacer is that you will be confident in traversing the distance. If you can, it is a fun way to see first hand what a 100 mile race feels like. This was my first ever exposure to the 100 mile distance and I will never forget it!

Anyway, I told the RD that I will only go up there if I had other people to share expenses with who will want to do it with me. So let me know if you're interested. Again, the email is

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